source: VTT

S3 Novel stiffening concept for lifetime extension of existing pitch bearings

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The new pitch bearing lifetime extension concept must fulfil the loading, environmental and structural specifications defined for the extension of lifetime in already installed wind turbines.


  • The need of retesting the components for assuring longer lifetimes is a problem for the manufacturers
  • When there is a failure of the component in use (e.g. Ring structural fatigue (RSF) failure mode) the replacement of the component can be difficult


  • The desired time to implement the idea must be short
  • The wind farm must remain in operation working with a high confidence level


To verify lifetime extension and reliability evaluation of the new lifetime extension concept for pitch bearings.

  • To verify the new lifetime extension concept viability for stiffening and/or reparation in pitch bearings.
  • To verify the suitability of the hybrid testing methodology during validation process of novel lifetime extension concepts for pitch bearings with respect to the current processes.