A part of the fifth objective of the INNTERESTING project is to improve social acceptance of the newly developed designs, concepts and testing methods. For a better understanding of the concept of social acceptance a literature review has been performed.

The complete overview with key messages from the literature review on social acceptance towards wind energy, including the definition and aspects of, and influences on social acceptance, and some examples of good practices, are included in deliverable 1.1.

The two main key messages found in literature are:

  • The overall acceptance at society level needs to increase, rather than at the level of individual projects
  • There is a lack of comprehensive and systematic review to identify common findings and outstanding research questions. Important insights are produced, yet knowledge gaps remain

Based on the literature review, no major difference is to be expected for social acceptance of the host community of a wind energy project with or without the solutions developed within INNTERESTING.

  • Research on the influence of wind farm life time on social acceptance is lacking.
  • Less maintenance and thus less idle time may lead to a stronger acceptance.
  • Further research to learn more about the difference in social acceptance of wind farms with an extended lifetime versus repowering is needed, as reports have shown that repowering can be highly effective in improving the social acceptance of a wind farm.

On the matter of social acceptance of wind energy projects more comprehensive studies of several years have been dedicated than the literature review done for INNTERESTING, therefore we are eager to engage interest groups, stakeholders, researchers, and others on this matter.

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